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Afternoon Walk is a 2.5D local multiplayer platformer with unique physics, inspired by QWOP and Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy.

Sam's little sister Becky is sick, but she wants to breathe some fresh air today, outside in the woods. So, in a breezy afternoon, the two kids and their dog Poppy started their adventure.

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Alex Wang: Programming | Mechanism Design
Nicky Du: Level Design | Production | Music
Chloe Page: 2D Art
Xander Thornborough : 3D Art

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Afternoon Walk Trailer

Afternoon Walk Trailer

Afternoon Walk: Video Player

Moving Mechanism Development

Early Prototype

Here I use Unity 2D spring joints to create a stickman. 

Its limbs and body will always rotate to a designated world rotation.

By altering the rotation target via input commands, it will walk.

Improved Prototype

More humanity has been introduced in this version.


Leaning has been added to control moving direction.

Spring joints are tweaked to handle basic jumping.

Steady Movement

The landing of each foot has been accurately detected by rays.

Temporary joints are added to prevent the character from sliding.

Now, it could climb.

Run! My boy, Run~

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Afternoon Walk: Text
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