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It is an experimental art project that explores metaphysical narration.
The story unfolds as the narration perspective travel towards higher dimensions.
Why does the pixel boy want to edit his father's novel?
Why does the astronaut even create that game?
Why do you come across this game out of nowhere?

Beyond Me: Text

Alex Wang: Level 2 Programming, Interaction | General Programming Consultant
Cecil Boey: Level 3 Scenery Director, 3D Assets, Screenwriter
Nicky Du: Level 2 Screenwriter, 2D Assets, Theme Music
Will Park: Level 1 Programming, Screenwriting

Beyond Me: Text
Beyond Me Trailer

Beyond Me Trailer

Beyond Me: Video Player

Modular Event System

Single Document Principle

Only one page of text document would be used to load all the instructions and contents from my screenwriter.


It is readable by both me and my computer to ensure coworking efficiency.

One Sentence One Action

Besides easy modification, the system also ties sentences with actions, such as camera movements, UI displays, and so on.

Here is a clip of gameplay.

Beyond Me: Projects
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