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"April 15th 2006, on my 10th birthday, my parents bought me the first PC I have ever owned. It remains the happiest day of my life even until today. My childhood is long gone and I can't even remember what I wrote on that computer, but that grassland under a cloudy sky never fades away from me."

Bliss is a
3D walking simulator that takes the nostalgia into the presence of players’ controls inside an unrealistic, 3D stylized Windows XP desktop. The player will explore through gigantic models of Windows XP desktop icons on the landscape in the classic "bliss" wallpaper, looking for a forbidden file in the system, where memories and surprises await.

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Alex Wang: Programming | Technical Art | Concept Design
Cecil Boey: 3D Assets | Scenery Director
Nicky Du: Screen Writer | Workflow Manager
Will Park: 3D Sceneries | Technical Art

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Bliss Gameplay

Bliss Gameplay

Bliss: Video Player

Mechanism Design

Clicking actions?


Why not physically throw the curser out at your file?

Password input is so easy.

UI? They do not have a place in our Bliss world.

We are already in the meta, aren't we?

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