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Brain Wash: Text

Brain Wash introduces an inverse spherical gravity system to the traditional FPS game.

Sounds nerdy? Well, In game, you literally just need to grab a gun and point it at your enemy...

But there is a little bit more than that.

This game is an addiction visualizer, as it depicts the brain activities of someone who has played an FPS game for 10 hours straight. 

Your goal is to dominate his brain, to make sure he 100% disconnects from reality.


Brain Wash: Text

Inventory Gallery

Also showcase basic interactions like grab, aim, shoot and melee.

Simply pistol

It's better than holding nothing

Sub Machinegun

Burst Shots Enabled


Hits like a truck


No description is needed

Brain Wash: Projects

Feature Interactions

The Long Jump

A series of smooth actions: Escape, Reload, and followed by an epic landing.

The Legendary Gun Grenade

Charge and throw your gun at the enemies and turn them into ashes.

The Tactical Retreat

In urgent situations, combine The Gun Grenade with a jump to skyrocket out of the battlefield.

Brain Wash: Projects
Brain Wash: Text
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