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Entropy is a local multiplayer game, where two players play as white blood cells and viruses in a competition of terraforming a mother cell sphere using a self-developed alternate controller that utilizes the players' body movements.


The only mechanic is to deploy a cubic tissue.

Your goal is to stack them as high as possible.

Your deployment builds up your win condition.

Swing it to your opponent, it becomes a deadly bomb.

Charge and place it on your pile, it immunes the shockwave.

Attack, Defense, all in one click.

Alex Wang: Technical Art | Programmer | Mechanic Designer

Cecil Boey: Technical Art | 3D Artist | Scenery Director

Josef: Controller, Arduino Support, Presentation

Ken: Controller, Arduino Support, Presentation

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Entropy: Video
Entropy Gameplay

Entropy Gameplay

Entropy: Video Player
Entropy: Pro Gallery

Mechanism Diagram

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Entropy: Pro Gallery
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