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Planet Terminator is a local double-player arcade game. Players are little 'planets' who fight for their territory. KILL your opponent or blast them off the screen to win the game! 



  • Your ammo storage will not be depleted.

  • Instead, your size will shrink as the cost of shooting.

  • Attract floating asteroids to gain size.

  • Shrink down to easily dodge bullets but you become vulnerable to shockwave.

  • Size up to attract resources with ease, but it will also attract enemy bullets.

  • Find the balance and have fun with your friends!

Planet Terminator: Text


Planet Terminator: Videos

Mechanism Design

Attract asteroids to get bigger

Your size is your resources

Multi-phases gameplay

Upgrade your weapon

Swap between weapons

Destroy your opponent

Or surprise them with your Giant Rocket

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Planet Terminator: Text
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