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Visual elements play a huge part in the narration of The Exchange. 
Here is my  design process.

The Exchange Behind the Scene: Text

Scenery Prototypes

Procedural Animation Prototype 01

This prototype demonstrates the narrative potentials of simple cubes.


By animating their transforms, different sceneries would be built in real time.

Procedural Animation Prototype 02

This is another version of real-time scene loading by procedural animations.


Players could see scenery interpolates to each other based on their position.

Early Level Protoype

By combining both of them together, we are able to make a scene that has no preload objects. Every single piece of geometry is in a flow:

  • Activate

  • Morph to designated transforms

  • Deactivate

The narration takes place during the flow.

The Exchange Behind the Scene: Projects
Abstract Structure



Unity Jobs & Optimization

Deal With Ton of GameObjects

Dealing with a ton of GameObjects is part of the project setting.

Using Unity Jobs helped offload position calculations to multiple workers.

[2581 marching GameObjects in real time] [All 10 groups activated]

Toggle Jobs base on need

Groups of objects take turns being activated.

3-5 moving groups could already achieve a visually exciting scenery.

[2581 marching GameObjects in real time]


Code Structure Visualization

The Exchange Behind the Scene: HTML Embed

Welcome to the Morphing Garden
An Executable feature showcase in Unity URP 2021.3.3.f1 (LTS)


Minimalism & Modularity

Procedural animations could find their uses beyond scenery constructions.
It is reused in sending visual instructions, or receiving feedbacks.

The Exchange Behind the Scene: Text

Interaction Prototpye

Interaction Prototype - Turn

Visual indicators would behave differently according to different states.


(Demonstrated by Cecil Boey)

Interactive Prototype - Wave

The need for separate UI is significantly reduced.


Therefore the game is presented as a well-integrated entity. 

(Demonstrated by Cecil Boey)


Visual design in harmony with Interaction design.


What's shown in this footage becomes the building block of this interactive visual journey.

The Exchange Behind the Scene: Projects

Progression In Static Form

Houdini is used to project a sense of progression in static geometries

The Exchange Behind the Scene: Pro Gallery
The Exchange Behind the Scene: Text

Misc In Dev

Welcome to our digital Liminal Space

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The Exchange Behind the Scene: Work
The Exchange Behind the Scene: Text
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